Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Bulk Stock Import and Update

Remember: Always do a backup before you do a bulk stock import or update.

Bulk Stock Import and Update in more detail:
This feature allows you to import new stock or update stock with a CSV File (comma separated text file). This can be used to import stock from another system or you could also export the stock to the file, edit the file directly and import the file again to apply your changes.
To export stock on a regular basis for other applications like scale software, see Export Manager.

The file can have any number of columns (fields). Only the fields (columns) that are in the file will be updated. You could for instance only export the price, change the prices in Excel and then Import it again.

The file must have a header record that contains the field names. The following fields are available (case is not important but these field names must be used):

The columns in the file can be in any order but the first column must be one of the following:

The first column will be used to determine if a new item must be added or if a update must be done. If you use Stock Code and a item with that stock code is found in the system, the item will be updated, if it is not found, a new item will be created.

Note about the BARCODE column:
It is important that you format the barcode column in your spreadsheet as a text column before you save the file as a CSV file. Otherwise it is possible that your spreadsheet application can change the bardode numbers using scientific notation. For example a number like 8694740101237 can be changed to 8.69E+012 if the column is not a text column.

More info about the fields:
  • STOCKID - This field can only be used if the file was exported by ROBOTILL. Do not use this field if importing from another system or if you are adding new stock.
  • STOCKCODE - This field is not unique within ROBOTILL. If you choose to use this field as your identifier (first column), it will update the first record it finds with this stock code.
  • PRICE - Price Excluding Tax
  • PRICEINC - Price including tax.
  • Note, if you want to update price, you only need to use either PRICE or PRICEINC and not both.
  • TAXDESCRIPTION - The Description of the Tax item as specified in ROBOTILL.
  • DEPARTMENT - The department name as specified in ROBOTILL.
  • CATEGORY - The category name as specified in ROBOTILL.