Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Refunds and Exchanges


You can either refund individual items or a complete sale. To do a refund, from the menu in the POS module (Retail or Resaurant), select General Functions and select Refunds. Refunds is also available as a button on the POS screen of the Retail Module.

To refund an item, select the 'Refund Item' tab.

Refund Sale Item

You can scan the item or enter the Item Code (stock code) and press ENTER. Enter the quantity to refund.

To refund a sale, select the 'Refund Sale' tab.

Refund Sale

You can select the sale to refund. You can only select a sale that was done in the current drawer (shift). To do a refund from a sale that was done during a previous drawer (shift), you will need to refund individual items.

You can select if you want to return the stock or discard it. If you do not choose to discard the stock, the items that was purchased will be returned to your stock count.

You can either refund cash or refund into a customer account.


When a customer wants to exchange an item, you will first need to do a refund and then do a new sale. If you do not want to refund the customer cash and you do not want to create a new customer in ROBOTILL each time a customer wants to do a refund, you could follow these instructions to make use of exchange cards.