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Lay Bye and Sale Orders

Laybye and Sale Orders is used for sales that requires a deposit and one or more additional payments.

A laybye (Lay Bye, lay-by) sale is a sale where the customer wants to pay off the items over a period. The goods are not released to the customer until final payment is received.

A Sale Order can be used when a deposit is required - for example when an item needs to be manufactured or ordered for the customer.
Note: You could also look at using the Workshop module with job cards or quotations depending on your requirements.

As this functionality can be used for a laybye and/or a Sale Order, we will refer to it as the 'Sale Contract'.

Starting a Sale Contract

To start a sale contract, simply do the sale as usual but select a customer and instead of using the pay button, from the Sale Menu, select 'Laybye and Sale Orders' > 'Convert to Sale Contract' option.

Laybye and Sale Order - deposit

You can specify that a minimum deposit is required. This can be specified in ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > Retail Setup.

Two slips will be printed:
  • A 'sale contract' for the customer.
  • An internal slip. The internal slip can be attached to the goods for laybye's or send to the ordering/manufacturing department.

Both slips can be fully customized in Print Layout.

When additional payments are made, select 'Sale Functions' > 'Laybye and Sale Orders' > 'Payments and Cancellations' and select the customer.

Laybye and Sale Order - additional payment

For each payment a slip for the customer will be printed. When the full amount is paid, the cashier will be notified to release the goods and a final slip will be printed.
Cancellations can be done in the same screen.


The sale contract reports can be found at ROBOTILL Manager > Reports > Retail Specific > Laybye and Sale Orders.
The report can be filtered for 'Current', 'Completed' and cancelled.

Making it easier for the cashiers

If you will be using Laybyes or Sale Orders you can add the functions to the 'More' screen (see 'Custom Functions and Menus'). It will make the selection for the cashiers faster and easier. You can also choose the names for your functions. For example if you will not be using laybyes but 'Sale Orders' for custom made suits, you could call it 'Custom Order' and 'Complete Custom Order'.

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