Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Retail - Quick Start Guide

These are very basic instructions on how to add your first product and do your first sale.

Step 1: Add a Product (Stock Item)

Open ROBOTILL Manager, and log in.
If you haven't changed your password yet, your username is 'admin' and your password is 'password'.

Click on 'Products and Stock' in the Toolbar and then 'Product Setup'.
Click on 'Add Item'.

Adding a new product
  1. Add a description: 'Test Item'.
  2. Add a item code 'TESTITEM'.
  3. Select a Tax Option.
  4. Type the Price Including Tax (the rest will be calculated)
  5. Click on 'Add Item'
That's it! Your first item is ready to sell.

Step 2: Do your first sale

Open ROBOTILL Retail. You can leave Manager open if you want, but it is not needed for Manager to be open (running).
Click on 'Log In' and log in with the same username and password.
An item can either be scanned or you can type the Item Code (Stock Code) or the Description or any part of the description. As we haven't entered a barcode, we will need to type either the item code or the description. Type the item code 'TESTITEM' ...

Retail Point of Sale

... and press ENTER. The item will be added to the sale.
If you want, you can increase the quantity of the item by pressing the UP ARROW key the number of times you want to increase it and then press ENTER again.

Complete Sale

To complete the sale, you can click on the PAY button or you can press F5. The payment screen will pop-up.

POS Pay Options

Type the amount and press ENTER. If your electronic cash drawer is set up, it will now open. The Till Slip will also now be printed.

Sale Change

The change amount will be displayed in the main screen (top right).
That's it! Your first sale is done!