Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Restaurant Order Notes

You can add order notes to specific items. An order note will be printed on the Order Slip that is sent to the kitchen (or other department).

Order Notes

Notes can be used for unique instructions, but for standard options like how the customer wants his eggs to be done or how his steak should be cooked, it is better to use Order Attributes.
See (1) above for an example of where Order Attributes are added.

  1. To add a note, select the item that you want to add a note to.
  2. You can then click on 'Notes'
  3. A specific instruction can be typed.
  4. Notes are added below the item (unlike attributes that are added next to the item)

Order notes are only printed on the Order Slip and are also visible in the POS screen but will not be printed on the intermediate bill or final till slip.