Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Register ROBOTILL - Upgrade to the Full Edition

You do not need to register the Free Edition of ROBOTILL. If you want to use the Free Edition, simply click on 'No' when asked if you want to upgrade and you can continue to use the free edition for as long as you want.

If you want to upgrade to the Full Edition of ROBOTILL, you can purchase a license here.

You pay per POS Point (Till). On each till that you register, you get the full editions of all the applications (ROBOTILL Manager, ROBOTILL Retail, ROBOTILL Restaurant, ROBOTILL Workshop). For each till, you can also register an additional ROBOTILL Manager on another back office computer.

After you purchased a license, you need to email us the ROBOTILL Registration Request. To get the Registration Request you need to email, open ROBOTILL Manger and when asked if you want to upgrade, select 'Yes'.

Note: If your edition is already registered but about to expire, opening ROBOTILL Manager and click on Help > Registration.


Step 1 - Select the required license

It does not matter from what application (Manager, Retail, Restaurant) you are creating the Registration Request information. The only thing that is important is that you do it from the computer you want to upgrade and that you choose between a POS Point (till) and a back office computer.

If you only have one computer that you will use, then select the POS Point option. You will get the keys for all the applications you need.

If you will use more than one computer, select POS Point when you upgrade the till point. On your back office computer (where you will set up products, run reports, etc.), select 'Back Office PC'. You will only get a Manager Key for the back office PC, but you then don't need to purchase an additional license for that computer. If you select POS Point for the back office computer, you will also need to purchase a license for that computer.

Step 2 - Send a Registration Request

There are three easy ways to send the information ROBOTILL will need to create your keys. You only need to choose one. To keep it simple, we will only explain how to use the first option.

Click on the 'Copy the registration info for me' button. Compose an email to and in the body of the email, right click and select paste.

Upgrading to the full edition

The needed information will be pasted into your email.


No other information is needed, just click 'send'.

Step 3 - Enter the key you received from ROBOTILL

You will normally receive your keys in an hour or two, but it might take a bit longer due to time zone differences, public holidays, etc. Remember that you can continue to work in your free edition. You will not loose any data when you upgrade from the free edition to the full edition.

Once you receive your email from ROBOTILL with the keys, you will notice that each application in ROBOTILL has a different key.

ROBOTILL Registration Key

Double click on the key for the application you want to register so that the whole key is selected (make sure the one key and nothing else is selected). Right click on the selected key and select 'Copy'. The key will be copied to your clipboard.

Open the application (ROBOTILL Manager, ROBOTILL Retail or ROBOTILL Restaurnat) that you want to register and again, select 'Yes' when asked if you want to upgrade.


Click on the 'Paste Key' button (you already copied the key from the email). You will see the key displayed in the registration screen. You can then click on Register.

The specific ROBOTILL application will be upgraded to the full edition and you can repeat the process for the other applications. ROBOTILL will warn you when you have less than a week left before your license expires.