Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Price Modes and Tiered Pricing

Price Tiers

In the product setup you can specify a second and third tier price. See item number 16 in Product Setup to see where to specify second and third tier prices.

When a cashier does a price change and there is only one price, the manual price change screen will appear. If there are a second and/or third price tier, then a screen will appear allowing the cashier to choose another price tier or do a manual price change.

Tier price change

Price Modes

You can also use price tiers with price modes. On the POS modules you can change the price mode and select another tier price level. When changing the mode you can choose to do it for the current sale or until the price mode is changed again or the POS App is restarted.

An example where the 'current sale' option would be used is if you allow a specific customer to purchase all the products at the second or third tier prices. Note another option for changing prices for a sale is to use discounts.

An example for 'until restart' is for something like 'Happy Hour' where you sell all your goods to all customers at another tier price for a specified time.

You can change the Tier Price labels as they are displayed in the POS application so that they are more descriptive to the cashier. To change the descriptions, open Manager and go to Setup > System Configuration > General Configuration > General Settings.

Price Tier Settings

After you updated the settings, the POS Application will need to be closed and opened again (if it was open) for the new settings to be loaded. When the cashier changes the price mode, the current price mode will be displayed on the price mode button.

POS Price Modes - Happy Hour

Price Tiers with Customer Cards

You can allocate a specific price tier level to a specific customer. If the customer card is scanned/swiped during a sale, then the price mode for that sale will automatically change to the price tier allocated to that customer.

To allocate a price tier to a customer edit the customer in ROBOTILL Manager > Customers > Customers.

Customer Price Tier

For more on customer setup see: Customers