Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

POS Payment Options

ROBOTILL allows you to accept multiple payments per sale.

POS Payment Options

As soon as the required amount was reached, the payment screen will close. For most payments it will only be needed to enter the amount and press enter or simply just press enter as the default amount is the amount of the sale.

Card Payments

To link directly to a card payment machine, see Payment Card Reader.

If you will not be linking directly to the card payment machine, you can let the cashier manually process card payments. The cashier will be prompted to select the type of card used and enter the details of the card payment. You can configure the available cards and also choose to disable the card selection screen to speed up the payment process. To do this go to Manager > Setup > System Configuration > Payment Options.

Card Payments

Account Payments

With the account payments you can choose to use customers cards. In that case the customer card can be swiped/scanned instead of using the Customer Selection Screen. To use this option go to Manager > Setup > General Configuration.
In Manager go to Setup > System Configuration > 'General Settings' and check 'Use Card Reader / Barcode Scanner for Customer Cards'.

Change Fourth Payment Option

As a lot of stores no longer accept check (or cheque depending on your english type) payments. It is possible to change the check payment option to something else. For example, if you accept paypal payments, you could do the following:

In Manager go to Setup > System Configuration > 'Payment Options' and change the fourth payment option.


You can of course change it to anything you want like online payments or Bitcoin. In the retail and restaurant modules, the paypal payment option will now be available. The cashier will be prompted to enter the details of the paypal payment (or bitcoin, or whatever payment you choose to add).

Online Payment