Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Restaurant Order Slips

An Order Slip is a slip that is printed to a department printer. Examples of departments would be the kitchen or the bar.

When the cashier/waiter clicks on the 'Order' button in the Restaurant Module, the order slips for the current sale will be printed. Items for each department will be printed on that department printer. The order slip for the kitchen will only receive items that they need to prepare (items that are have the 'Kitchen' as department) and only items that have the 'Bar' as the department will be printed on the Bar order slip.

Restaurant Order Slips

As new items are added to the sale, the waiter can click on 'Order' again and only the new items will be printed on the new order slip for the kitchen/bar/etc. If you need to reprint the complete order including the ones that was already printed, click on 'Sale Options' > Resubmit Order.

The order slip can include the waiter name and the table name and can be configured in Print Layout.