Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Connection Problems

If you want to connect another computer (till point or back office computer) to your server that has already ROBOTILL installed, then you should follow the ' Install on additional computer' steps. If you are having problems adding the computer, see ' Unable to connect a till'.

If your connection that was working suddenly stops working, you can do the test below to see if it is a network problem.

Open File Explorer (called Windows Explorer in earlier versions) and in the address bar, type '\\COMPUTERNAME' in the address bar where COMPUTERNAME is the name of your server (the computer with the ROBOTILL database).

Example, if your server name is LIGHTSABER, then you will type \\lightsaber (see the image below).

check network and server

If the network and server is up and running, you will see the shared folders in Explorer as in the image above. If not, you will get an error message. Note, for the test to be successful it needs to open the shared folders of that computer without asking for a username and password. If it does ask for a username and password your network is not set up correctly.

If the test did not work, then it is a network problem. Check your network. If you don't have a network set up, you can just create a Windows homegroup (google for easy instructions). If you are unable to sort out your network problem, you will need to contact a local IT support company as network support does not fall under the support ROBOTILL provides.

If the test above worked, and your connection worked before, it is possibly because the server name was changed. If you did change the server name follow the Link to a different server steps.