Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -


To use quotations add 'Convert Sale To Quote' and 'Convert Quote to Sale' to your selection of Custom Functions that is available from the 'More' button.
See Custom Functions for instructions on how to do that.

To do a quotation, do a sale as normal where you scan or enter the items for the sale. When you are done, instead of selecting 'Pay', select 'Convert Sale to Quote' from the 'More' screen.

Convert Sale To Quotation

Note: Quotations can be linked to one of your existing customers or to a once-off-customer. If you want to link a quote to an existing customer, or you want to create a new customer for the quote, you need to click on the 'Customer' button before you click on 'Convert Sale to Quote'. If no customer is selected when you click on 'Convert Sale To Quote', then a 'once-off-customer' will be used. You will then be promted to enter a name only and the customer will not be added to your list of customers.

You will then be prompted to enter a quote comment. The quote comment can be used to assist the cashier in selecting the correct quote at a later stage. The quote comment can also be printed on the quotation slip but the comment needs to be added in Print Design as the comment is not on the slip by default.

The quotation will then be saved and the quotation slip will be printed. The quotation slip can be customized in the Print Design.

To convert a quote back to a sale, click on 'More' and then 'Covert Quote to Sale'.

A list of quotations that have not yet been converted to sales will be displayed.

POS Quotes

Select the quote and click on 'Convert Quote to Sale'. The quote will then be converted into a sale that can be completed.