Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

POS Printer Problems

For the printer setup in ROBOTILL, all that is required is that the POS Printer is set as the default printer.
To set your printer as the default printer, go to your Windows Control Panel > Printers and Devices, right click on the POS printer and select 'Set as Default'.

If the printer does not want to print, print a test page from Notepad or Wordpad. If the printer does not print the test page, it means that there is a problem with your printer that you will need to sort out first (you might need to install the correct printer driver or contact the supplier).

If the printer does print the test page but it does not print the ROBOTILL slips, do the following test:

In ROBOTILL Retail or Restaurant, click on 'Reprint Last Slip'.

If it does print, it means that you have turned of automatic slip printing. Do the following:
  1. Go to Manager > Setup > General Configuration.
  2. In the General Settings tab, un-check 'Don't print slips by default'.
  3. Click on Update General Settings and restart your POS module (close and open Retail and/or Restaurant).

If it didn't print when you clicked 'Reprint Last Slip', do the following test:

Right click on the Windows Start button and click on Run.
Type in Wordpad and press Enter.

Start wordpad

Wordpad will open. Type 'Test' in wordpad and select File > Print > Quick Print.

POS Printer Test

If the test page does not print on your POS printer, it means you did not select the POS printer as your default printer. See the steps in the beginning of this page on how to set the printer as your default.

If the test page does print, but it is not printing in ROBOTILL, contact support. If the test page didn't print, the problem is with your printer or printer setup and you will need to contact the supplier for support.