Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Product Button Colous

To help cashiers and waiters make selections quicker, you can mark specific products with specific colours. These colours are set in the product setup screen under the 'Advanced Settings' tab.

Colors for product buttons

These colours will be displayed in the main screen of the restaurant module when the products of that specific category are selected.

Colors for menu items

In the retail module, these colours will be used when an a product category is added to the 'More' screen.

Change Button Colours

Button Colours in the More Screen (Custom Functions)

In the More Screen in the retail module, it is possible to change the button colours - again to make selection easier. When you add or edit a function (button), simply select the colour you want.

Change Button Colors

When the cashier then selects the 'More' button, the more screen will be displayed with the colour coded buttons.

Change Button Colors

To see how to change the colours of the rest of the system see Themes