Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Free Support

ROBOTILL gives free support to all customers including customers that are using the Free POS System.

Conditions of our Free Support

  • We only do email support.
  • You will normally receive a very quick response, but you should allow a couple of hours for a reply.
  • We can remotely connect to your computer if needed. We however only connect if we think it is needed and if we were unable to resolve the issue via email.
  • If you have a network or hardware issue you will have to contact a local computer support company for support.
  • We will give instructions by emailing you a link or explaining what to do. We will however not do the set-up for you.
  • Our support team always get good feedback for their fast and friendly service. We appreciate every customer but we also love our employees. We will not tolerate customers that are rude to our support team. Customers that are rude will not receive support and their emails will be blocked.

Why we only do email support

Our goal is clear: To offer a high quality, professional Point of Sale system at a fraction of the cost that includes free support.

In order to achieve this we need to keep our overheads to a minimum. Doing email support cost much less than telephone support as you can work with a smaller team. With telephone support you need a bigger team to cater for busy periods. As we have customers all over the world, we allow our team to work flexi-hours - something not possible with telephone support.

We work very hard to make ROBOTILL user friendly and we keep on improving our online help. Our goal is to keep support to a minimum so that we can keep on giving it for free. If we allowed telephone support a lot of users would opt for a quick telephone call instead of doing a search in our online help - unnecessarily increasing our support workload.

Why there are no exceptions to this rule

Some customers understand that we only do email support but just 'quickly want to talk to someone'. This will be unfair to the rest of our customers that are willing to search our online help or send an email. Once a customer did call and received support - he will be more likely to call again if he needs support instead of sending an email. As we do not have the infrastructure for telephone support (by choice and by design), the next time the customer phones we might not be able to take his call.

Making exceptions to our rule of 'Only Email Support' will lead to unhappy customers and an unhappy support team.