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Cash Drawers (Shifts / Till Sessions)

Each shift is linked to a cash drawer (also known as a till session). A cash drawer in ROBOTILL is not the electronic cash drawer but the cash in the drawer that is linked to that specific shift. A drawer is usually opened (started) with a float amount (change). At the end of the shift, the money in the drawer is usually placed in a money bag and returned to management so that the cash can be counted.

Cash drawer, till session, cashier shift

A user will be able to take his cash drawer (float money allocated to him) and log into any till. Not only cash is linked to a cash drawer, but all actions that is performed by that cashier during the shift including refunds, account payments, etc.

There is no time limit to a shift and a cash drawer can be left open for more than one day.

Automatically allocated drawers to cashiers

By default, if a user logs into a POS application (Retail or Restaurant) and no drawer (shift) is open, then the system will open a cash drawer and allocate the default float amount. The default float amount can be specified in Cash Drawer setup (ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts'.)

Default Float

More control over shifts and cash drawers

You could change the default settings so that a drawer is not automatically opened. That means a manager first needs to allocate a drawer with a specified float amount to the cashier before the cashier can log in. To use this setting go to ROBOTILL Manager > Setup > System Configuration > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts'

To allocate a drawer if you chose not to let the system automatically allocate a drawer, of if you want to override the default float amount, go to ROBOTILL Manager > 'Cash Drawers and Shifts' and click on 'Open Drawer'.

Open Cash Drawer (Shift or till session)

Closing and Finalizing a Drawer

A shift or Cash Drawer is closed when the cashier does a Cash Up. The cashier can use the Cash Up Screen to count the cash in the drawer. The totals that is counted when a drawer is closed is added as 'Declared Totals' to the drawer. These totals will still need to be confirmed by the Manager when the Drawer is Finalized.

Alternatively a Cash Drawer (Shift) can also be closed from ROBOTILL Manager.

Cash Drawers

From ROBOTILL Manager the manager can choose to accept the counted totals and Finalize the drawer or he can recount the money, card payments and checks using the Cash Up screen.

Finalize Drawer

The variances (money short or in excess) will be calculated from the returned cash (counted during Finalize) and not the declared cash (counted during 'Close Drawer').

Drawer Reports

A drawer report will give you a detail break down of the cash drawer. This is useful if you might want to query why there is a specific amount in the drawer. There are two different types of Cash Drawer Reports:
  • POS Cash Drawer Report - This report can be printed from the POS Point on the slip printer. From the POS menu select 'General Functions' > 'Cash Drawer Report'. This report can only be printed at the POS point while the drawer is still open.
  • Manager Cash Drawer Report - This is a more detailed report and can be printed from ROBOTILL Manager from the Cash Drawer Screen by selecting the drawer or from Reports.

Cash Drawer Report