Access to Path Denied or Unable to Save Hardware Setup

Almost all data in ROBOTILL is saved in a database and not in files. There are however a couple of files that needs to be saved locally on the computer. The only time it causes a problem is if the files where originally created on the computer from another Windows account. There are two possible problems that can occur because of this:

Unable to Save Hardware Setup

Unabel to save hardware setup

When you try to save the Hardware Setup you might get an error message 'Unable to Save Hardware Setup. Contact ROBOTILL Support' message.

Access to the Path Denied

Access to Path Denied

When you try to register ROBOTILL (upgrade to the full edition or renew a license), you might get an error that says 'Access to Path Denied'.

Solution 1

The easiest solution is to log out of your current Windows account and log in using the original Windows account you used to perform the action (Save hardware or register ROBOTILL) and then perform the required action.

Solution 2

1) Open File Explorer.

ROBOTILL ProgramData

2) Click on View and check the 'Hidden Items' box.
3) Go to C:\ProgramData\ROBOTILL
4) If you have problems saving the Hardware Setup, delete the file PosHardware3.xml (or PosHardware3).
If you have problems registering ROBOTILL, delete the files ending with .lic (or ROBOTILL5, ROBOTILL6, ROBOTILL7)
5) You will now be able to save the hardware setup or register ROBOTILL.