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Point of Sale Training Videos

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Introduction to ROBOTILL Version 8

This is not a training video - it just shows what the new version 8 of ROBOTILL looks like.

Retail Quick Start Guide

A training video to help you get started with ROBOTILL for a retail store or any shop that will use the retail module.

Restaurant Quick Start Guide

A training video to help you get started with ROBOTILL for a restaurant.

Workshop Module

How to use the workshop module - create job cards, invoice a job, etc.

Retail Compound Items

A training video that shows how to sell and receive products (stock) in different combinations (6 packs, individual items, etc).

Restaurant Order Attributes

How to use order attributes in a restaurant. Examples of order attributes is how your steak should be done, if you want milk with your coffee, etc.

Using scale and other measured items

Using measured items like scale items, time based items, and more. Note that this video does not cover using scale generated barcodes.

Restaurant Bill Split

How to split a bill (order/sale/check).

Product Variants

How to create and use product variants. Product variants are products that are similar in price and setup and only differ with specific attributes like colour, size, flavour, etc.

POS Loyalty Program

How to set up a loyalty program in your Point of Sale system. ROBOTILL uses a flexible points-based loyalty program that allows you to offer different types of customer rewards.

Set up for a Take-Away

How to set up ROBOTILL to work for a take-away (takout, fast food store).

Hospitality Quick Start Guide

How to get started with the hospitality module. Explains how to add resources (hotel rooms), create bookings, products for booking sales and more.


How to do refunds. Refunding a sale or specific item. Please note that the refunds video uses an older version. The latest version has more options.

Combo Deals and Coupons

How to create and use Combo Deals (for example 'Buy one get one free') and coupons.

Many more training videos coming soon ...