Log into a ROBOTILL POS App

When you open one of the ROBOTILL POS Applications (Retail, Restaurant or Workshop), the 'Secure Mode' screen will be displayed. To log in click on 'Login' in the 'Secure Mode' screen. The following log in screen will appear.


If you are logging in for the first time

Your default PIN is: 12345

Note: Your PIN is not your password.

If you upgraded from version 7 of ROBOTILL (or earlier version) your PIN will be your 'Card Number'. If you did not use 'Card Numbers' in previous versions you will first need to add a PIN number for your users in User Setup.

PIN's and Card Numbers

In order to speed up 'logging in' and 'security overrides', PIN's (Personal Identification Number) or card numbers are used for logging into POS applications in ROBOTILL instead of usernames and passwords. Usernames and passwords are only used for management applications (ROBOTILL Manager and ROBOTILL Branch Manager).

If you are using a touch screen you can use the buttons on the screen to enter your PIN. If you are using a keyboard you can use your keyboard instead (you can use the buttons on the screen as well but it will be faster using the numeric keypad on your keyboard). When using your keyboard you can just press ENTER after you entered the PIN.

If you are using a card reader you can simply swipe or scan your employee card.

To set up a PIN or a use a card reader see User Setup.