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Install Error 84B30002, 858C0014 or code ending with BC2

If you get the error code 84B30002, 858C0014 or a code ending with BC2 it means that the SQL Server installation completed successfully but a computer restart is required. The problem is however that ROBOTILL could not set up the connection settings because the install did not complete normally. So to fix the problem we need to do a bit more than just a simple computer restart.

Step 1: Restart your computer

Important! Don't skip this step.

Step 2: Run the ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly

To start ROBOTILL Database Setup Wizard directly you can either type in 'ROBOTILL' in the search bar and then select the Database Setup Wizard or go to 'All Apps' > ROBOTIILL > 'ROBOTILL Database Setup'.

Note: This time we are going to choose different settings.

Click on 'Begin Setup >>'

On the next screen, select the first or second option depending on your requirements and click Next.

SQL Server Installation

On the next screen, select 'I have installed SQL Server myself ...' option (even if you didn't - SQL Server is already installed).

Click Next and then just accept all the default settings and continue to click 'Next' on the following screens.

The installation should now complete without any problems. If you do get the same error or another error, email the error inforamtion to ROBOTILL Support.