Point of Sale Software - ROBOTILL -

Custom Buttons and Functions

ROBOTILL allows you to add custom buttons, functions, shortcuts to products and product menus. These items are available from the ‘More’ button.

More button in ROBOTILL

When the cashier clicks on the More button a screen will open with the custom buttons that can be added according to your requirements.

Custom Buttons

To add a custom button, in ROBOTILL Manager, click on Setup > System Configuration > Retail Specific > More Screen (Custom Functions). Click on 'Add Custom Function'.

Custom POS Functions and Commands
  1. Select the type of function (button) you want to add. See below for more information about the different types of custom functions.
  2. The select button will change depending on the type of function you choose (1).
  3. The options and parameters will change depending on the type of function you choose.
  4. You can select a colour for the button.

Different types of custom functions

1) POS Functions

Some less used POS functions like converting a sale into a quote is not available on the main screen as a touch button but can be accessed through the Menu in the POS application. If you will be using one or more of these functions regularly, it will be better if you add them as a button on the more screen.

To do this, simply select 'POS Function' and then choose the function from the list that you want to add. You can change the default description on the button if you want.

2) Single Products (Shortcut to Stock Item)

You can add products like plastic carry bags that are often used but does not have a barcode. You can add any number of products, but if you have several you want to add, see the next point.

3) Product (Stock) Category

You can add a whole category of items as a button on the more screen. It can for example be items from your take out counter that does not have barcodes or any other category that you want the cashiers to be able to select via the touch screen buttons instead of typing or scanning a code.

When you have added the button and the cashier clicks on that category button, a new screen will open that will list all the products in that category.

Product Buttons

The cashier will be able to select multiple items from this category. The selected items as well as items that was already selected for the sale will be displayed. You can then just click on the 'Back' button once all the required items are selected from this category.

4) External Programs

This can be any other program that ROBOTILL needs to interact with. It can even be a simple shortcut to a program like a calculator (calc.exe). It is especially useful if you have items that are electronically purchased from another system like airtime for mobile phones. ROBOTILL can also custom develop programs that can interact with the system. For help with this feature please contact ROBOTILL support.